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Israel says it will intensify response to Syrian fire

Five projectiles from Syria set off air raid sirens in Israeli towns on Saturday, prompting the Israeli military to say it would step up its response to stray fire from the Syrian war that has repeatedly spilled over the border.
The projectiles crossed into the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights and the military said it targeted three Syrian artillery guns in response. No damage or injuries were reported in Israel.
The Syrian military said it came under attack in Quneitra province, which sits near the Golan Heights territory that Israel captured from Syria in the 1967 Middle East War.
“The Israeli enemy assaulted one of our military positions this morning, which led to material damages,” it said.
During Syria’s more than six-year-old conflict, Israel has returned fire across the border, including stray shells from fighting among Syrian combatants.
The Israeli military statement suggested it may start escalating such retaliations. 
“Whether errant fire or not, any future occurrences will force t…

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