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'Humor Is Important in Politics' - Angela Merkel Reveals Keys to Success

Angela Merkel has let down her guard during a rare conversation with a women's publication, stating "curiosity and happiness" are key to success.
Germany's chancellor Angela Merkel has revealed a gentler side to her character during an interview in Berlin with German women's magazine Brigitte. 
In the personal profile she stated that she looks forward to getting more sleep and that she laughs at least once a day.
Merkel, who famously does not use Twitter, but follows the regular tweets of US President Donald Trump, also revealed some of the tougher aspects of political life and in particular the European Union's relationship with the USA.

She took the opportunity to state that former US President Barack Obama had told her strong US support for the EU was not going to continue forever.
"As Europeans it's our task to take responsibility, and no longer completely rely on the US," Merkel said in her interview which was broadcast live from the German capi…

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