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Russia to React 'With Dignity' to Any US Pre-Emptive Intervention in Syria - FM

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and German Vice-Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel are holding a joint press conference in Krasnodar on Wednesday, June 28, following the opening ceremony of the 14th conference of partner cities of Germany and Russia.

In his opening address, Lavrov said that Moscow and Berlin may develop their bilateral agenda without the influence of political conjuncture.
"We've had many positive examples of cooperation. 
These should be used to form a new, unifying <…> bilateral agenda that would not depend on the ever-changing political environment," Lavrov said, adding that this agenda would have to help bring back strategic partnership to the bilateral relations.
He added that Russia had sought and would seek to build relations with Germany on the basis of equality and account for each other's interests.
Moscow remains open to cooperation with international partners on the task of strengthening European security, Lavrov stressed.
"In the curr…

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