NASA holds a meeting to establish protocol for dealing with extraterrestrial life on Mars.

Top scientists from NASA have held a meeting with representatives for the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Institute to ask for assistance in dealing with their ‘knowledge gaps’ when it comes to the correct handling of extra-terrestrial life forms. 

It is understood that NASA wishes to establish proper and thorough protocol for dealing with life on other planets in the event that life forms are found on the planned human visit to Mars. 


"Recent findings that are coming back from the robotic rovers we have on Mars are giving us hints that the Martian environment is not understood in detail to the level we would want, ” explains Catharine Conley, NASA’s planetary protection officer, and human beings will be more capable of examining the finer details. 

However, she says, sending human astronauts to another planet comes with a whole host of other problems. 

Primary among these is the danger that human astronauts could contaminate Martian samples. 

In the course of the meeting, NASA was advised how to prevent this kind of eventuality. 

The scientists at SETI laid out twenty-five different levels of protocol to ensure that astronauts from the space agency could transport extra-terrestrial life forms with delicacy and prevent any potential contamination. 

This wasn’t the only potential problem highlighted in the course of the meeting. 

According to Conley, NASA is aware of incredibly poisonous dust storms on Mars which could be potentially fatal for human beings. 

While the astronaut suits could provide a level of protection for NASA personnel on the ground, there is a chance that they could bring the toxins back to Earth with them and introduce them to this planet. 

In addition to that, Conley said that they were very concerned about astronauts inadvertently bringing infectious alien viruses and bacteria back to Earth. 

As humans would have absolutely no immunity to this kind of infection, it is possible that this kind of disease could cause mass casualties all across the world. 

NASA said in light of these challenges they would continue to work with SETI as well as other space agencies with expertise in this kind of area. 

Gerhard Kminek of the European Space Agency has said that they are also following the results of these meetings with interest and will match up their protocol to NASA’s to pursue collaborative journeys to Mars with the American space agency.


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