Since its release, Google Earth has turned up some amazing information about the mysteries of this planet. 

All over the world amateur sleuths have used the technology to search the globe for hidden gems and have uncovered lost pyramids, mysterious towers and even entire cities that appear to have sunk into the ocean. 

But a new discovery may be the most spectacular Google Earth find yet.

A YouTube channel named Flat Earth Arabic has turned up an incredible find. 

It is claimed that Google Earth clearly depicts a wall measuring at least 2.4 miles in width off the coast of Baja in California. 

This discovery has piqued the interest of many people who have pointed out that the sheer size of the wall and its apparent linear structure clearly indicates that it is not a natural sea formation and must have been constructed by human hands. 

This could be yet another piece of a phenomenal puzzle which contradicts the received wisdom concerning the trajectory of human civilization. 

It has long been believed by many people across the world that ancient and highly advanced civilizations pre-dated the earliest known societies. 

In the past few years, these theories seem to have been given some credence by the discovery of sunken artifacts and buildings discovered deep under the sea. 

One of the most impressive finds was a fascinating pyramid-like structure off the coast of Mexico. 

It has been suggested that it could be an ancient Mayan monument, but others have suggested that it could have been forged by a civilization which pre-dated the ancient Mayan empire. 

It is unclear at this point whether the hopes that this wall like structure is another piece to the puzzle or whether it is nothing more than a glitch in the computer program. 

Google Earth uses image stitching (or photo stitching) which is the process of combining multiple photographic images together to create a panoramic view. 

Sometimes, the stitching process is not quite seamless and can result in strange lines which could theoretically look like a thick wall appearing on the images.