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US Air Force Admits to Poisoning Colorado Groundwater

White House Expects Russia Sanctions Bill May Undergo More Changes

Future of Russia-EU Relations Depends on Brussels Reaction to New US Sanctions

Macron’s Rating Drops to Historic 2-Month Low for French President

US Nukes in Turkey Not Secure, Former US Defense Officials Say

Chinese Navy Expands Submarine Detection Testing in the South China Sea

Saudi Arabia set to behead 14 anti-govt protesters, including Michigan-bound student

German police will be able to hack WhatsApp, other encrypted messages by end of 2017 – leaked report

French police ‘routinely’ pepper spray innocent migrants, incl. children, in Calais - HRW

N. Korea vows ‘merciless blow with nuclear hammer’ if US attempts to topple Kim

Israel pushing Palestinians to violence with Temple Mount blockade & settler crimes – US State Dept.

China selects site for simulated Mars colony, doubling as tourist attraction

‘Everyone deserves 2nd chance’: Germans say 16yo girl suspected of joining ISIS should return home

‘America 1st doesn't mean Europe last’ – EU lashes out at US sanctions against Russia